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Lustful Blonde Sucking And Swallow Horse

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by DOGCOCKMAN 2 years ago

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by DOGCOCKMAN 2 years ago

He passed the marriage ended and I stopped for a few years got a girlfriend and a bunch of dogs Jake a lab and his nephew Buster a lab mix with a Hugh cock . He loved me suck n him off . I'm a crop farmer in northern Wisconsin so the dogs are with me all day and we would sneak off and fuck a lot . I would let buster face fuck me . Then it was Jake's turn .the best fucking is in the next comment I type . We did it for 5 years omg lot of cum and a lot of cock They fucked me stupid and CUM !!!

by DOGCOCKMAN 2 years ago

When he wasn't there my 4 dogs fucked me . I lived on a dairy farm so I had as much pussy as I wanted till my Dad sold them then back to the dogs . I never was good with girls till the Chubby ones found out I could eat pussy like ice cream . Got married to a fat one and I still had one dog that fucked me all the time almost got caught with him knotted in my ass real hard but didn't . Before I got married if there was no fat girls in the bars I would go home and fuck flash my dog he wasgood

by DOGCOCKMAN 2 years ago

Hi I'm the DOGCOCKMAN AND I LOVE HUGH THROBBING CUM DRIPPING DOG COCKS . I started this real early in life and then sucking dick with my friends. And me my my best friend were lovers for 6 years and sucked and fucked each other every weekend I was at his place or he was at mine ! And he had a big cock that I loved to suck and swallow his sweet thick cum ! The longest blow job was 6 hours of tease n and licken and suck n till he filled my mouth 4 or 5 times and I gulped it down the he fucked me